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As of October 25th, 2016, the Town of Delisle has 13 residential lots for sale in the northwest subdivisons ranging in price from $50,000 to $70,000 plus GST. These subdivisions are located at the north end of Valleyview Drive and is immediately ready for housing construction. The lots in this area are near the golf course. These lots are only for new house construction or new ready-to-move homes. All homes in this area must be a minimum of 1,200 square feet living space built above ground. A 10% deposit is required to reserve a lot with the balance due within 6 months. A map of the entire town and these subdivisions are provided later in this colum

The lots that are currently available for sale:

Block 27:
Lot 26 - $60,000

Block 28:
Lot 10 - $50,000
Lot 11 - $50,000
Lot 12 - $50,000

Block 37:
Lot 3 - $50,000
Lot 6 - $60,000

Block 38:
Lot 2 - $55,000
Lot 5 - $55,000
Lot 6 - $60,000
Lot 9 - $70,000
Lot 10 -$70,000
Lot 12 -$60,000
Lot 13 -$60,000


Maps are currently available at the Town Office. To see a map of our newest residential subdivisions, click on the link below. The link after it shows the Conditions and Information on Lot Sales for Parcel D and Parcel F:


Map of Parcel D and Parcel F Residential Subdivision

Conditions and Information on Lot Sales for Parcel


Contact the Town Office at (306) 493-2242 for more information on these lots.

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*Click here to see a map of the entire town and just the Parcel F Residential Subdivision. As mentioned above, there are only 7 lots left for sale in this subdivision. For more information on lots, contact the Town of Delisle.



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