Delisle Elementary SchoolDelisle Elementary School is located in the heart of the community and is part of the new Prairie Spirit School Division No. 206. The school provides education from Kindergarten to Grade 6 with enrollment fluctuating between 170 to 190 students. In addition to the classrooms, the facility contains a gym, a resource centre (library) and a computer lab. The playground has been upgraded and complements an extensive green area complete with basketball courts, soccer pitches and track and field facilities.


Delisle Composite SchoolDelisle Composite School is located immediately adjacent to the Elementary School. Delisle Composite provides a full program of co and extra curricular programs to approximately 400 students from Grade 7 to Grade 12. The Composite School has students from the Vanscoy and Pike Lake area as well as from Delisle. There is a professional teaching staff of 26 who are assisted by a support staff of 13. Delisle Composite offers a variety of very successful sports programs, most notably the Delisle Rebels football team which won the 9 Man Provincial Title in 2002, 2003 and again in 2011. Players from these teams have moved on to secure positions with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies and Saskatoon Hilltops football teams.

Emergency Services

Delisle has a RCMP Detachment comprised of a corporal and four constables located right along Highway 7 that goes through town. Delisle also has a volunteer fire department located in town that serves a large segment of the surrounding rural area. Ambulance service is provided by MD Ambulance out of Saskatoon. There are a number of First Responders in the area to assist in an emergency call.

Health Services

The Delisle Primary Health Centre provides a number of services to the community. Some of the services provided include a physician, nurses, pharmacy, lab, masseuse, chiropractor, home care and a wide array of other programs. A nurse practitioner is now on staff. For more details, contact the Health Centre at (306) 493-2810. For more serious illnesses, state of the art medical facilities are located just minutes away in the City of Saskatoon.

Delisle & District Health Centre


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